Alo Kisses Presents ‘By The Fire Side’ (A Story About My Life) Mixtape

Alo Kisses of Alo Gang has finally released the much-anticipated mixtape project dubbed ‘By The Fire Side’ (A Story About My Life)

The mixtape titled ‘By The Fire Side’ (A Story About My Life) depicts an old Ghanaian TV programme for kids in which kids sit around a burning fire and listen to stories mainly about Kweku Ananse (A fictional spider) which teaches us about life and the society we live in. The moral behind those stories are always something we can relate to.

Alo Kisses gets us all sitting round the burning fire to tell us stories about his life, where he comes from, what he stands for, what he’s made of, and of course why he’s one of the best if not the best in the rap cycle. We put the mixtape on top of our collections for the year because it’s way different from what we expected from him. Mind blowing instrumentation, crazy flow and lyrics, deep and thought-provoking stories.

The 12 track mixtape featured artistes like Dreamboi, Safari, 2ice P, and Donzy. Production credits to Papito, A.B.E., Possi Gee, MBacc and Hydro Mix. Every rap music lover will fall in love with the great tape! Stream below and download! (For mobile phones, select track and hold for few seconds and save file… For PC users, right-click on track and select save file) Enjoy!

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